FAQ: Premium Italian Leather Sofa Singapore - Recliner Sofa at Jayee Home

Jayee Home is here to answer commonly asked questions about our innovative and stylish leather furniture. If you have a question that was not answered, please contact us.


Q: What is a recliner sofa?

A leather reclining sofa is a modern, technologically advanced piece of furniture that combines traditional leather upholstery with smart features. These features often include built-in electronic components such as USB charging ports, wireless charging, LED lighting, storage compartments, and massage features. Jayee Home offers you the best recliner sofas in Singapore with our luxurious furniture line.


Q: Where can I buy a leather recliner sofa in Singapore?

You can find our leather sofas in Singapore at our Jayee Home showroom. We specialise in modern and tech-centred furniture. Our recliners are advanced and motorised instead of manual, providing you with comfort and convenience. Find us at 40A Orchard Road #01-01 Singapore 238838, MacDonald House (beside Plaza Singapura).


Q: What types of leather are used in Jayee Home sofas?

Leather recliner sofas often use genuine full-grain leather or high-quality faux leather. Genuine leather is sourced from animal hides, providing a luxurious and durable upholstery material.

All Jayee Home sofas are made with 100% Premium Full Grain Leather from Italy, providing you with the best recliner sofas in Singapore we have to offer.


Q: Are leather recliner sofas easy to maintain?

Yes, leather is generally easy to maintain and clean. You can usually wipe off spills and dust with a soft, damp cloth with ease. Jayee Home provides specific care instructions for our leather recliner sofas, so follow our recommended methods for the best results.


Q: Can I charge my devices on Jayee Home's recliner sofa?

Yes, most leather sofas from Jayee Home come equipped with USB charging ports or wireless charging capabilities. You can conveniently charge your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets without needing to plug them into a wall socket.


Q: Are the electronic components of your recliner sofas safe?

Being in the sofa manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, our designers design our leather recliner sofas with safety and durability in mind. As it is essential to choose a sofa from a reliable brand, Jayee Home adheres to safety standards and provides warranties for our products. Always follow our instructions for the proper use and maintenance of electronic components.


Q: Are leather recliner sofas more expensive than regular leather sofas?

Yes, leather recliner sofas often come with a slightly higher price tag than regular leather sofas in Singapore due to the added technology and features. However, the extra cost for these features can provide you with more convenience and modern amenities that may be well worth it for tech-savvy individuals.


Q: Can I customise my recliner sofa?

Yes, you can customise your sofa with us to fit the style of your home! Jayee Home offers a wide range of leather colours for customisation. Do note that customisation is only available in-store. Visit our showroom at 40A Orchard Road #01-01 Singapore 238838, MacDonald House (beside Plaza Singapura), and our sofa experts will gladly assist you.