Throw cushions are great ways to decorate and enhance your beautiful sofa. They can create a more cohesive home decor style with the various shapes, colours and textures they come in. Our cushions are available in different colours — like our signature Bali Cloud — and in leather, fabric or suede. Place our lush and soft sofas on your leather reclining sofa for extra cosiness and relaxation.

Jayee Home's cushions not only add more flair to your sofa, but they can also offer you more back support. Besides square throw pillows, we sell rectangular lumbar cushions made to encourage better posture and add support when lounging. Back support is crucial as it aids in maintaining proper posture, which can prevent muscle strain in the long run. Lumbar cushions are a fantastic addition, especially if you have elderly family members who may require enhanced lumbar support.

You can express your style and maximise comfort by pairing a few throw pillows and lumbar cushions with your leather reclining sofa. Our range of cushions lets you experiment with colours and textures to create a more appealing living area. Shop our products now and pick your favourite from our catalogue.

The Jayee Home Cushions collection offers a sophisticated array of throw cushions, perfect for enhancing the look and comfort of your sofas. These cushions come in various shapes, colors, and textures, allowing for creative home decor styling. Additionally, the range includes lumbar cushions designed for back support, ensuring both style and comfort in your living spaces.


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Experience the essence of comfort and style with our unique Jayee Home Cushions collection in Singapore, each cushion a testament to cozy elegance and exceptional design. Elevate the aesthetics of your living space with our diverse range of cushions, thoughtfully created to blend functionality with artistic flair. Explore our collection today and transform your home into a haven of sophisticated comfort and bespoke charm.